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Richard Ainge Founder | Chief Technology Officer

Richard has over 25 years of prepress experience providing him the knowledge of developing special effects software technology. For the past 13 years he has been working extensively in the area of special effects for printing applications and Adobe plug-in development. Richard is also the architect and co-founder of Color-Logic Inc, which has gained international recognition in the graphic arts marketplace and a wealth of accolades and industry recognized awards. He has developed and implemented global and regional training programs for clients as it relates to implementing special effects into their printing applications and has been a guest speaker for Pira for decorative effects in modern printing.
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Mark Geeves Director of Sales & Marketing

Mark has 30 years of experience in the measurement and control of color through his work at X-Rite, Color Savvy, BEST Color, Electronics for Imaging (EFI), GretagMacbeth and Ciba. His expertise is bringing new technologies to market on a global basis. He had extensive involvement in bringing portable instrumentation, embedded instrumentation and automated measurement devices into the graphic arts and color & appearance marketplaces. Mark worked on making ICC color management technology affordable and continues to serve on committees to make implementation easier for printing and publishing applications. Mark has worldwide experience in the development and implementation of color programs in the graphic arts, plastics, automotive and paint markets. As President of BestColor in the Americas he was involved in making inkjet proofing the standard for the Graphic Arts marketplace.

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