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Touch7 is an extended colour gamut system for digital and analogue print engines, enabling users to design and print within the maximum gamut of the device.

Did you know…Digital devices use inks/toners with a superior colour gamut to traditional inks? Touch7 takes advantage of these inks by generating an ECG design, but when that file is ripped and printed, the ECG spot separations can also be printed out of CMYK, to create a CMYK image that has been expanded to achieve deeper more saturated colours. Read more here


Touch7 is a software company that specialises in creating design tools for Adobe CC, for designing in, and separating artworks for, ECG printing.

Touch7 is NOT a profiling or colour management solution provider – There are already excellent systems out there to do press characterisation.

It is assumed that a printer using an ECG workflow would already have their press fingerprinted to create a multichannel profile, in which case they would convert Touch7 images to that profile. If the customer does not use ECG printing to date, they must have their press characterised using existing technologies, which would take in to account the ECG inks being utilised on the press. This profile would also be loaded up in to the Touch7 Soft-Proofing tool – This will then show an image/design with the correct press profile, based on the customers ink set.

Touch7 is all upfront at the design stage – this is where the image starts out with the designer. Designers typically don't know how an image they create is going to be output or printed. They usually don't know about which inks a printer uses on press, or it’s formulation. All they are concerned with is creating a design which you (the printer) has to output to the best of their capability. This is where Touch7 comes in – it's a set of design tools to generate artworks within an ECG environment so that the design is already separated based on a true ECG gamut. The end results is an image/design comprised of CMYK plus up to three spot colours – those spot colours can be either OGV, OGB, RGV or RGB ink sets.
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